Rules for Approval of BTM canon military hardware

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Rules for Approval of BTM canon military hardware

Postby DeputyDirector » Mon Oct 23, 2017 1:19 am

Good day all,

Please see the below rules for the submission of BTM canon military hardware.

1. The military hardware must pass Heavy Metal and/or CBT build rules.

2. There must be appropriate fluff for the design using CBT Canon (up to the end of the FedCom Civil War) or BTM Canon.

3. The design must get more positive than negative votes with a simple majority of 51% being the threshold. The voting will be open for a three month period, at the latest, and approval of the design will be decided at that time. A tie will be decided by either the Deputy or MHB Broker.

4. It must have accurate BV2 value and costs associated with the design. A lack of these figures will automatically disqualify the hardware from being accepted until they are provided.

5. Tech outside of our current timeline cannot be used. BTM will advance technology along the lines of CBT's timeline, but future tech will not be allowed to be fitted to new military hardware.

6. The build must be realistic... yes, you can figure out how to make a "Gausszilla", but why would a military R&D team create such a limited design? There has to be a valid reason for the design, either through fluff or by showing a military need for that design.

7. If the design is actually the refit of an existing piece of military hardware then it must follow all above rules and cannot change things that would require a factory to make. While it would be possible to exchange the engine, weapons, armor, equipment, and even put in a new cockpit; the internal structure cannot be changed.

For example, if your new design was to be a refit of a SHD-2D Shadow Hawk, you could swap out the engine to a XL engine and then upgrade weapons and armor, etc. but you could not change the internal structure to Endosteel as that could only be done on a factory new unit.

If there are questions or concerns, please either post to this topic or contact me at or by PM through the forums.
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