HBK-7M Hunchback (Approved 2011)

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HBK-7M Hunchback (Approved 2011)

Postby Mariahsyn » Thu Dec 27, 2018 6:18 am

HBK-7M Hunchback

Mass: 50 tons
Chassis: Crucis Type V
Powerplant: Magna 200
Cruising Speed: 43 kph
Maximum Speed: 64 kph
Jump Jets: Rawlings 50
Jump Capacity: 120 meters
Armor: Durallex Tensile-4
1 Fusigon Sabertooth Heavy PPC
2 Hellion V Medium Lasers

Manufacturer: Kali Yama Weapons Industries
Primary Factory: Kalidasa
Communications System: Omicron 4002 Networking Channel
Targeting & Tracking System: TRSS Eagle Eye w Advanced Targeting Computer Module

Designed to address the issues often associated with the Hunchback’s fundamental design flaws, the 7M utilizes technology that was secured in trade with both the Draconis Combine and Federated Suns prior to the outbreak of the 5th Succession War to produce a deadly medium weight brawler.

The design team at Kali Yama charged with the upgrade of the venerable Hunchback began with the HBK-5M as a basis for the re-design, the vast majority of the 5M remained unchanged. Taking advantage of advanced technology the team replaced the Class 20 Autocannon with a new Fusigon Sabertooth Heavy PPC linked into a PPC Capacitor which boosts the damage output of the Heavy PPC to a level which approaches the Autocannon but is not limited by the need for frequent ammunition reloads and can strike targets up to twice as far away. For close range defense the medium lasers of the 5M model have been retained. Additionally, all of the weapons have been linked into an advanced Targeting Computer to provide additional accuracy at all ranges.
When the design team finished with the weapon upgrades, they turned their attention to boosting the armor protection by a half ton and added well tested Rawlings 50 jump jets to improve the mobility of the hunchback while a total of thirteen double strength heat sinks allow for the mechwarrior piloting the 7M to more easily manage any heat buildup from the entirely energy based weapons array.

After testing and development, the initial production run of the HBK-7M has been well received by the FWLM and orders for field upgrade kits have been placed to begin upgrades of many of the remaining 5M variants in service with the League. There are hopes amongst many in the FWLM that the new design will prove a nasty surprise for the League’s enemies.

The 7M is a variant of the Hunchback.

Type: X-MB-001 (Experimental Medium Brawler Battlemech)
Technology Base: Inner Sphere
Tonnage: 50
Battle Value: 1573
Cost: 3,971,000 c-bills

Internal Structure: 5.0 tons / 0 criticals [Standard]
200 Rated Powerplant: 8.5 tons / 0 criticals [Standard Fusion]
Walking MP: 4
Running MP: 6
Jumping MP: 4
13 Heat Sinks: 3.0 tons / 15 criticals [Double] (26 Heat Dissipation)
Gyro: 2.0 tons / 0 criticals [Standard Gyro]
Cockpit: 3.0 tons / 0 criticals [Standard Cockpit]
168 Armor Factor: 10.5 tons / 0 criticals [Standard Armor]
Internal Structure / Armor by Location
Head: 3 / 9
Center Torso: 16 / 26
Rear: 5
Right / Left Torso: 12 / 20
Rear: 4
Right / Left Arms: 8 / 16
Right / Left Legs: 12 / 24

Weapons and Equipment
Heavy PPC [Right Torso] 10.0 tons / 4 criticals (15 damage / 15 heat)
PPC Capacitor [Right Torso] 1.0 ton / 1 critical (+5 damage / +5 heat)
Medium Laser [Right Arm] 1.0 ton / 1 critical (5 damage / 3 heat)
Medium Laser [Left Arm] 1.0 ton / 1 critical (5 damage / 3 heat)
Targeting Computer [Left Torso] 3.0 tons / 3 criticals
Jump Jets [Right Leg] 1.0 ton / 2 criticals
Jump Jets [Left Leg] 1.0 ton / 2 criticals 
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