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Rabid Wolves

Postby Remington von Wolffe » Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:04 pm

Unit: Rabid Wolves
Registry: FS-RD-04-02
From February 1st 3097 to March 1st 3097

The Deuces Wild, on Merope as a security detachment, took part in the savage fighting for control of Armidale, the capital of the world. Jason Tian and a light company of mechs teamed up with the Rabid Wolves mercenary company and elements of the AFFS and Wolf’s Dragoons in a series of sharp fights against rebels trying to seize the capital.

Fighting around the StarPort, Armidale Administrative Center and Mercy General Hospital caused considerable damage to the city but destroyed the better part of a company of rebel mechs and supporting infantry forces. Protests continued as the investigations were ongoing. Things escalate suddenly from a direction no one expected; a competent police force. Investigating a person of interest, the Rabid Wolves show up to do an interview...no hard evidence on him....but by chance they show up during a meeting of a rebel cell. Some of the rebels panic and open fire. As the apartment was a major weapons cache and it has some incriminating evidence, the Rebels act immediately. They take to the streets, attack government and communications centers...and someone detonates the nuke at Fort Chadwell. After several clashes, the mercenaries came to realize the identities of their better equipped opponents; Second Regiment of the Plieadies Sabers, the Longwoods Bluecoats and rogue elements of the Taurian Concordat.

There was chaos on both sides....the Rebellion achieved surprise, but they weren't quite ready to move. It's not coordinated. One team of Deuces Wild (Jason's crew) manage to mount up and take on a lance of Plieadies Sabers in the city, temporarily driving them back. Dragoons are out of touch as is the main command of the AFFS. Lauren Keene ends up in temporary command of the AFFS in Armidale. They abandon the administration center and move to the Starport, which is easier to defend. As soon as things started getting rough, Jason's sent word to the Rabid Wolves to keep them in the loop. The Rabid Wolves staged out of the Deuces Wild Union Class DropShip, the Huntress or until they were able to run a conventional fighter blackade and land there own Union Class DropShip, the Spotted Eagle.

The Fighting carried on for roughly six weeks. The early Rebellion seized a number of locations but couldn't quite get a grip on Armidale. The first two weeks were fairly even in fighting....but the rebels weren't professionals and had finite amounts of equipment and limited repair facilities. Once the Dragoons rally things start going bad for the Rebellion. Attrition starts wearing them down. The third week, they start losing ground. The Deuces Wild then led the attack out of the capital to link up with AFFS forces in the city of Tethys, playing a crucial role in crossing the Bolero river and dislodging enemy infantry units there. The Rabid Wolves capture and hold two critical Command Post.

The search for Dwayne and Tamryn Bishop is called off as the fighting escalates. Afterward, the AFFS is finally able to pass on a message that had been set to arrive the day the rebellion began: they had positively identified Tamryn Silvers-Bishop. She was killed instantly in the bombing. No trace of DJ was found....but Jason has his own theories.....

Week four, there's word of Dragoon reinforcements on the way and things started falling apart for the Rebellion. Throughout the fighting, there's rumor of Dragoons committing atrocities in retaliation for losing near a regiment of personnel in the nuke. (One battalion of Mechwarriors and supporting forces). After the Wolf's Dragoons Spider Regiment arrives as reinforcements, the rebellion starts to fail. The fighting winds down as new negotiations begin. The rebellion failed to overthrow the government...but now the threat of another uprising is taken seriously. The bloodshed is enough to bring both sides back to the table more determined to find a solution. No one ever knows for sure who set off the nuclear weapon. It's assumed it was the rebels though their leadership insists they never had a nuke.

Fighting continues on Merope though it has become a guerilla war with the rebels ambushing a resurgent force of AFFS and Dragoons troops. In the wake of the fighting at Tethys, the Deuces Wild were ordered off the world by the Federated Suns, ostensibly because of contract violations; the Deuces Wild are not recognized by the MRBC and their security contract did not cover the extent of a role they played. The AFFS has declined pursuing legal action in return for the mercenaries leaving immediately. Dwayne Bishop shows up sitting on the bridge of the Huntress on the very last day.
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