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Dirty Half Dozens

Postby Mcraven » Mon Aug 09, 2021 10:40 am

Unit: Dirty Half Dozens
Registry: FW-SD-04-08
Time frame: From 4/25/3097 to 8/01/3097

Contract Summary:
, July 3100 Issue. Report by MJ Norwich

In a staggering show of unconstitutional Governmental intrusion into private commercial concerns, multiple sources have confirmed that the Confederated Systems of Tikonov has carried out lethal military operations against a Metals of Universe Minerals Exploration (MoU) prospecting expedition in the system of Terra Firma earlier in June.

A small and compact outfit that has been active in the industry for less than a decade, MoU has nonetheless established a reputation for dependable and quality service, counting notable clients that include Krupp Armament Works, Vickers Mining, Nashan Diversified and if rumours are to be believed, Aspero-Dinto Mining based in the Aurigan Coalition.

Despite the garrison 5th Tikonov Republican Guards declaring that the aggression was unsanctioned acts of renegades within their ranks, no further comments had been issued about compensation for the material and manpower losses suffered by the MoU, nor why the Metals of Universe was officially accused of being terrorists, weapons smugglers and enemies of the state in the first place.

What IS known is that tattered remains of the MoU have been escorted off world under the protection of the Eden’s Guard and Dirty Half Dozens mercenary commands, the latter apparently recruited by Liberty Holds to provide humanitarian assistance to the beleaguered MoU.

Terra Firma officials have declared a state of emergency until they could pacify the civil war that had broken out across the system, which was coincidentally the same reason (or excuse?) used by the 5th Guards for the delay in clarifying the matter in an official statement.
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