Storms Armored Cavalry

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Storms Armored Cavalry

Postby Remington von Wolffe » Thu Mar 09, 2017 6:43 am

Unit: Storms Armored Cavalry
Registry: LA-GW-12-01
26th March, 3092

The Command Staff is scattered and Missing in Action somewhere in the Sundry Mountain Range on Halifax’s secondary Agricultural continent La Loutre. The Sundry Mountains are located in the country of Mustelidés, that encompasses the center portion of the continent. Commander Ciara Storm, Captain Teso River, and Second Lieutenant Luke Shanahan. Command of the Storm’s Armored Cavalry fell to First Lieutenant Ellison Reed.

The three Command Staff members went missing in an attempt to save the SAC Mercenary Unit from complete annihilation and to cover their retreating non-combatants. At a critical point after Teso River had his Purifier Suit got shot up and Ciara Storm punched out of her Warhammer the weather turned extremely foul. A category four storm cell hit, with heavy rain accompanied by high winds and lightning. The torrential downpour was abundant and had a fast on-set and lasted for a long period. Longer than any previous storm cell according to the Halifax Weather Service.. Hazards associated with torrential rains included flash floods, stream flooding and landslides. It rained over the Sundry Mountains for an extended period of time causing secondary damages as the ground became saturated with precipitation. It caused problems in watersheds and building stability. In addition, the temperature dropped so low, it caused problems in the freeze-thaw cycles for other structures including roadways.

Lieutenant Shanahan escaped in his captured Griffin to a cave complex and stayed held up there for two weeks before linking back up with the unit. Captain Rivers was found eighteen days later by Apollo, the SAC Search and Rescue Team, dehydrated and delirious, afflicted with some native infection. It is believed that he spent the first 72 hours, amidst the worst part of the storm, scouring the mountains for Commander Storm. He insists that Ciara Storm is still alive and he will not rest until he finds her or proof of otherwise.

The SAC along with the remnants of the Halifax Garrison are hold up in a cave complex in the Sundry Mountainous region, pretty elaborate set-up for a cave. Thanks to Dread Squad, the SAC’s Combat Engineer Platoon. The enemy forces have taken up occupation on Halifax and left a garrison. They have some popular support from the locals on the main continent of Annapolis but it is not widespread beyond the planetary capital of Corpernicus.

Captain River agreed to sit in as Ciara’s Proxy in negotiating their next contract only because he was the only one that the MRBC would recognize as officially having the power to conduct such transactions. Other than that, he is leaving the day-to-day operations to Lieutenant Reed. He is too obsessed with locating Ciara to be effective at anything else. He goes out and searches for her every evening for at least 10 hours sometimes 16 in a quadruped Shedu Recon Battle Armor, recovered from the secret Military Cache on Halifax.

Their Employer, Hauptman Mari Laurenson, is very sympathetic to Teso plight. She has graciously written into the contract a rescue operation objective aimed at liberating the internment camp where SAC members are being held along with Lyran loyalists. This increased the morale of the rank and file SAC troopers tenfold. Commander Storm miraculously returns to Command with a harrowing tale of evasion and escape.

There was a Recon operations to learn as much as the SAC about the enemy. They obtained hard data as to who they were, where they had came from, and why they were targeting Halifax. SAC intel had every reason to believe that the enemy was searching for the Star League Cache and production facility. The primary goal of the Recon Ops was to set up an opportunity to ‘Snatch & Grab’ an enemy Officer to interrogate him.

The SAC staged multiple small-scale ambushes, strategically orchestrated to favor their unit, against isolated enemy Supply Convoys and Patrols as a means of rebuilding units and obtaining spare replacement parts and procuring expendables as well as interdicting operations of the enemy. The SAC was refitted from the Star League Cache also. It's location remained hidden from the Lyran Alliance Government thus far, however, with the presence of Loki on world the SAC Command was almost certain that this gig was almost up. If LAAF didn't know, they would find out soon enough.

The SAC performed Sabotage and Assassination operations against high value enemy targets to reduce enemy’s overall effectiveness and capabilities. Assassinations were only carried out against documented military personnel. All others insurgents were detained. The SAC generally harassed enemy forces, occasionally took pot shot or launched artillery shells, used IEDs, prepared ambush sites, pre-registered targets, and layed mines to set up anti-‘Mech leg attacks.

Without access to the HPG the SAC had no intelligence about the wider situation off world but their employer had graciously offered to provide them with intel via a manual courier, clandestine delivery, albeit it was geared towards a Lyran Alliance spin.

The SAC's current Intel had a new unit being dropped onto the planet to bolster the Buccaneers Storm. It was predicting an 86% probability that the unit was the 3rd Battalion of the 4th Rim Worlds Dragoons. It was a mechanized infantry force supported by both armor and rotary wing aviation. Intelligence Reports suggest that they have been formally trained to House standards, but have yet to see actual combat. Their equipment is overwhelmingly Free World's League designs and seemingly 3085 or newer.

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