Player Contributions and Rewards

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Player Contributions and Rewards

Postby DeputyDirector » Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:20 am

Good day...

As we all know, your wondrous Staff have many things to do and only so many fingers to type onto keyboards with during a day. With that in mind, we have always had individual players step forward to assist with any number of things to include data for the MHB, storylines, suggestions for rules changes, and even running various story arcs for us.

To both encourage and reward such actions, the Staff has determined that we would like to create a tiered awards system that would give some sort of compensation to the members of this universe for their service. These awards would be incremental and based upon the contribution of the player in both the number of times that they have offered this assistance and the depth of assistance given. If you suggest a story arc and do historical research into it and plot out the course of the story arc, then that would be one level of assistance... probably rated as a tier two. However, if you do that and then assist the staff in actually running the story arc, that would be a higher level of contribution such as a tier three.

The rewards that we have looked at so far include a discount on the purchase of military hardware, allowance of purchasing normally non-purchasable items, rewarding of military hardware, transport of military hardware from one point to another with no worries on payment or insurance, and awarding of the all mighty C-bill.

I would greatly appreciate some feedback from the players here on your thoughts on this idea. Please add your comments, questions, or suggestions to this thread and / or feel free to contact me directly by PM or at
Raymond Freeman MacCreary
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Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission (MRBC)

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