New MUCO/MUXO 'Transfer of Command' Protocol

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New MUCO/MUXO 'Transfer of Command' Protocol

Postby Remington von Wolffe » Sat Nov 11, 2017 4:24 pm

This has been ratified by the community and Staff and is now Official BTM Policy. Subject to edits as needs be.

MUCO/MUXO 'Transfer of Command' Protocol

1. Every unit registered with the BTM MRBC, whether the unit plays off line or not, must maintain a pinned topic in their OCC Forum, labeled ‘OFFICER CORP’, with at least the top three Officers in their chain of command. Your Chain of Command is NOT inherent on any military acumen nor game mechanics. It is strictly the preferred order of personnel the MUCO would like to run his unit if he were to become absent.
(Does not apply to single player units)

2. In that same ‘OFFICER CORP’ OCC Forum, the unit’s officers are responsible for keeping their unit and the BTM Staff members informed of their status, LOA, etc, so that these rules may work smoothly.

3. All Officers listed must log into their forum accounts Once Every Two Weeks. A simple login will be sufficient, there’s no posting requirements attached. REASONING: Whenever it is brought to the Staff's attention that a MUCO is in Dereliction of Duty (DOD), we can easily verify when the last time that he or she has logged in.

4. After an additional week of the failure of the MUCO to meet the minimum established log in requirements, upon notification by any officer in the unit's ‘OFFICER CORP’, the staff will initiate the process outline in steps 6 through 12 below.

5. If a second member of the unit, listed on the ‘OFFICER CORP’ List, contacts the Staff within this three week period, the Staff will defer to the member who is listed higher on the ‘OFFICER CORP’ List. If its beyond the three weeks, the Staff will stay the course and continue the process with the first member that initiated the contact, first come, first serve.

6. If a MUCO is absent without leave for any reason for three consecutive weeks AND a member of the unit's ‘OFFICER CORP’ is willing, the Staff will change the MUCO's password with the extent purpose of giving it to that member of the ‘OFFICER CORP’ to continue running the unit as the MUCO's Next in Command, leaving the MUCO in command of his unit, and notify the MUCO at his last reachable email address.
NOTE: Due to current system limitations the Staff cannot add MUCO capabilities to a MUXO's profile.

7. If the MUCO continues to be AWOL for 60 consecutive days, and the member of the unit's ‘OFFICER CORP’ is willing, control of the unit will convert to the member of the unit's ‘OFFICER CORP’ as the unit's new Commanding Officer in name and rank (full fledged MUCO), at this point he will be required to re-org the ‘OFFICER CORP’ forum list, and the DoD MUCO will be demoted to Second in Command. This change will generate another email to the DoD MUCO.

8. If after 120 consecutive days (4 months total) the DoD MUCO is still AWOL, we will allow the new MUCO to select a new Executive Officer. And this final change will prompt a third email to the DoD MUCO.

9. If the necessary time requirement has not yet been met when a member of the unit's ‘OFFICER CORP’ contacts the Staff, we will reiterate the process to the Officer, reach out to the offending MUCO, and give then both a date when we will implement our 'Transfer of Command' protocol.

10. If, however; the DoD MUCO does return anytime within those 4 months he shall retain complete control over the unit and the Staff will grant him his full rights again.

11. If the member of the unit's ‘OFFICER CORP’ initiating the request should happen to go AWOL during the Transfer of Command process then any other officer listed on the ‘OFFICER CORP’ forum list may continue the process and so on until the ‘OFFICER CORP’ forum list is exhausted. At the point the ‘OFFICER CORP’ forum list has no available members left, then the unit shall be deemed Unfeasible and the BTM will shut it down. If you are not a member listed on the ‘OFFICER CORP’ list, you will not be eligible to command the unit.

12. This process is not automatic nor are its benchmarks. They are only enacted if a Forum Listed ‘OFFICER CORP’ member initiates them.

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