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Postby Vampire » Sat Oct 02, 2021 6:59 am

Morgan Chan refused to allow himself the luxury of collapsing onto the floor of the DropShip in relief even as the captain announced with an incredibly phlegmatic tone that the vessel had successfully docked with the Scout class JumpShip and would be making the jump out of the system within thirty seconds. With no sign of their pursuers detected, their mission was now seconds away of being a success - short of mechanical failure preventing their JumpShip to make its FTL hop out of the system.

As the ten seconds countdown was announced, Chan's grip on the sonic stunner tightened even as he felt the quickened thumping of his heart. It was only when he was finally subjected to the familiar gut wrenching sensation of a jump did the grizzled soldier finally allowed a smile to creep onto his face. The stoic voice of the captain sounded over the DropShip's PA system again, confirming that they had arrived on their next destination - an uncharted system nearly thirty light years away from where they were mere seconds again.

Morgan Chan holstered the non lethal weapon and reached up towards the gapping wound in his mid-section, the grin on his face widening. The Clan manufactured Resgate power armour suit that he was encased in had been pumping harjel both into the damaged armour plating as well as his wound that helped his body absorb shock and control the bleeding as the thick, dark liquid also attempted to seal the breach in the armour. He knew he was not feeling any pain because of the effects from what Clan Elementals called 'hero juice' now coursing through his body as well as the pure sense of exhilaration he felt, and probably would need the attention of their onboard medical officer.

Still, it had been quite a while since he had participated in one of their operations, even longer still for one that ran a high chance of seeing combat. The man of Asian heritage looked up towards the ceiling of the cargo hold he was in and closed his eyes. He imagined being able to see through the metallic shell of the thirty seven hundred ton DropShip as he swept his sights from the nose to the rear of the spheriod shaped vessel in appreciation. He did not know how his contact came to know about its location, but it was an opportunity Morgan Chan simply could not pass on. Assembling a strike team, pulling together the necessary assets, drawing up the action plans with alternatives and contingencies were all completed within two weeks before they moved in.

The ex-mercenary was certain that some of those spec ops folks he knew would have applauded how they had pulled off the mission - rapid and efficient movement into the target area, minimal collateral damage and zero fatality, with Chan himself probably the sole casualty. He sighed in satisfaction as a couple of medical crew finally approached his position. Chan allowed his armour to be removed as he was next laid onto a stretcher.

The bespectacled medical officer squinted at the injury and growled at the veteran warrior. "That was cutting it a bit too close, don't you think."

"Yes it was." Morgan Chan shot the man an infuriatingly silly smirk and he spread his arms wide. "But I'd say it was all worth it."


The Black Market for all realms for the month of October 2021 has been updated. Also, please see below the latest bunch of offerings from the Diamond Sharks!

Chippewa IIC - 7,182,430 c-bills
Tomahawk CH - 2,994,451 c-bills
Tyre (Standard) - 2,868,495 c-bills

Dark Crow 2 - 11,877,262 c-bills
Griffin IIC 7 - 8,187,294 c-bills
Locust IIC 9 - 17,822,083 c-bills
Onager Std - 11,321,530 c-bills
Parash 2 - 7,214,760 c-bills
Shadow Hawk IIC 6 - 8,577,403 c-bills
Stalking Spider 3 - 6,669,500 c-bills
Stinger IIC (Standard) - 2,198,640 c-bills
Sun Cobra (Std) - 8,849,984 c-bills
UrbanMech IIC 2 - 1,976,650 c-bills

Gnome Power Armor (Upgrade) - 3,750,000 c-bills
Salamander Power Armor - 2,375,000 c-bills
Undine Power Armor - 2,100,000 c-bills

Axel Heavy Tank IIC - 4,442,075 c-bills
Bellona Hover Tank (LRM) - 2,227,275 c-bills
Zorya Light Tank (Ammo) - 1,168,650 c-bills
Captain HUO Qubing
CO Dirty Half Dozens Mercenary Command

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